Trusting and Relying

The Greek word ‘pisteo’ is said to mean belief, but does the English word ‘belief’ really translate the intent of pisteo?

Young’s rather translates it as “to trust and rely on”

To trust and rely on is a much stronger form, and it is perhaps the most difficult of all the doctrines put forth in our relationship with Yah.

To many Christians, all that they have to do is ‘believe’ and all things are added unto them, this is incomplete, for to have all things added we must seek first the Kingdom of Yah; that place where Yah rules….

To trust and rely on Yah, we must stop doing the things of Adam and wait for Yah to provide the resources we need to proceed along His way.

When we leave the pigsty to follow the Way back to the Father’s house, we are still covered in the slime of Adam’s pigs.  We tend to think Adam rather than Yah, we still trust and rely on Adam’s ways not Yah’s ways, we still believe that god helps those who help themselves.

As the slime dries out, it falls off, assisted by Yah’s servants who meet us from afar.   If we can be humble and listen and learn from these servants we will progress, but if we stick close to Adam we will make little progress.   Adam says we are sons of Yah if we ‘believe’ but the servants tell us that we too must be servants, like themselves, and trust and rely on the Master.

If we cannot convert Adamic ‘belief’ into trust and reliance on Yah, we will not reach the end of the Way and enter the Father’s gates.   In the garden of the Father’s palace, all conforms to the will and righteousness of the Father, it is his domain.   We cannot bring Adam in with us.

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