Creation and Debar

The first words in the Gospel of John provide a striking revelation of what a relationship with Yah is all about:

In the beginning – harping back to Genesis 1, if you believe that in the beginning Darwin created then the Gospel of John is not for you.

Was the Word – the Greek word Logos translates into the Hebrew debar which describes a spoken commandment (see LXX);   Torah is a signpost which points to the debar that is Creation, the spoken words of Yah made concrete and physical.   This is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

All Things – Creation itself is a product of these words as spoken by Yah in the beginning.

Without – Nothing exists except that Yah spoke these words, the spoken word (debar) of Yah is reality, if there is no debar, there is no Creation of Yah.   If there is no debar in your life then as far as Yah is concerned you don’t exist.

And the Word was made flesh and dwelt amongst us – It is here that Christians tend to depart from Yah’s intention, by elevating ‘Jesus’ to equal ‘godship’ as part of a trinity, a pantheon, they miss the implication of this.   The ‘debar’ preceded the ‘Jesus’, the debar, the spoken word of Yah, the Creation as such, became ‘Jesus’.

Yahushua (Jesus) is ‘Torah made flesh’ he did not create a new religion (Constantine did that), he was a renewal of an old covenant; Abraham kept debar, as emphasized by Paul in the epistle of Hebrews.   The elders of the children of Israel broke covenant at Horeb, which resulted in a Mosaic rewrite we call ‘Torah’.     Abraham had ‘Torah’ written upon his heart, but the elders rejected this close relationship with Yah and the personal responsibility implied in it and insisted that Moses take full responsibility, the result was the Mosaic Torah which encapsulated this relationship in a shell of ritual.   Torah was not ‘evil’ but it was not the optimal relationship achieved by the few, the prophets, who dared take on the personal responsibility of the Abrahamic relationship.

Yahushua, as debar made flesh, was a game changer, His task was to renew the Abrahamic covenant making the Mosaic covenant fall away (“when that which is perfect is come, that which is in part will fall away”)

So at Pentecost (Shavuot) we see the ‘flames’ of ‘power’ pass from the temple to the individuals; Horeb has finally triumphed and the Way of God (the debar) has become open and available to all mankind.

There is only one God, Yahushua is the Word of God made flesh, the Holy Spirit is the Word of God written upon our hearts.   But is very easy to hide and obfuscate this in the miasma of the religions of men.

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