The Perdition of Religion

There is a certain amount of tension between the two major religions of the bible, but, we are told, that in Yehushua, there is neither Greek nor Jew, Bond of Free, Male or Female, and to this we may add, Black or White.

The differences between groups are the obsession of religions in defiance of Yah and every time we exclude fellow believers we are throwing our religion(s) in Yah’s face.

We are right to seek to procreate within the norms of the family as it is the optimum way of obeying Yah’s directive to “go forth and multiply” children and mothers need a family for support and protection, fathers and unmarried grown children need a family in order to have a place to come home to.

A relationship with Yah is not about singing hymns or wearing funny hats, Yah has defined a ‘Way’ and it we like sheep have gone astray and turned every one to his own way then we are going to be caught napping.   Throughout the scriptures we find a major light and a minor (reflected), our job is to reflect the light of Yah not to create our own light.   We are easily lead astray by those in authority who bask in their own luminescence, people who set themselves up as ‘elevated ones’ demanding that we obey their interpretations, directives and whims.

These are the same people as those who rejected Yah at Mount Horeb.   Moses had to write the scrolls of law to try and give the people guidance, all the while understanding that it was Torah written upon the heart that truly reflected the light of Yah.

Keeping the Law can be a mechanical thing, and here the danger is that we add or take away from it, Jews tend to add to it through tradition and interpretation, Christians tend to cherry pick and thus discard important bits (especially seventh day sabbath but never the tithe).

The Mosaic Law is designed to give us a picture of how to escape from bondage and take the Way to the father’s gates.   It is there to prepare us to leave Egypt and follow the way to the promised land, but this time the journey is a solo journey, we must follow the pillars of light and cloud written upon our hearts.

When Adam fell, he chose to follow his own way, but the Way of Yah was still there in his heart, suppressed by His desire for his own godship (knowledge of good and evil).

When we cast off Adam’s godship and leave Adam’s world we can then humble ourselves and consider ourselves as servants of Yah rather than as rulers in authority over men, It may be that Yah chooses us as with Barnabus and Paul in Antioch – a process that took many years.

When we follow a Rabbi, priest or pastor we do exactly that, we are not following the Way of Yah, but following the way of Adam.   When we come to our judgement before Yah, we will need to understand the truths of Yah, His Way, His Truth, His Life, our Rabbi/priest/pastor will not be with us, he/she will be trying to explain away how and why she has lead you the perdition of religion, instead of teaching you where to find Truth…..

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