At this time of year, here in Israel, we have the feasts of Unleavened Bread which celebrate the end of the Hebrew enslavement to the Egyptians.

In the supermarkets it is impossible to buy many products that the Rabbis consider not suitable for purchase by the Israeli people during Pesache, but what right have they to dictate such things?

Scripture prohibits chametz (yeast) during the week long feast, this is ostensibly because the ‘bread’ for the escape was flat (unleavened) bread because there was no time to wait for the yeast to cause the dough to rise.

Instead of allowing the people to make their own decisions according to their own relationship with Yah, the Rabbis dictate and enforce the rules as they see fit, and the supermarkets comply, so rice is included for, although it contains no yeast, it ‘swells’ and must be considered pseudo-chametz.   Same with products made with self-raising flour, the bicarb raising agent is also banned during the week.

They also have a special ‘kosher for pesache’ food tax so that they profit financially from the whole affair, it pays for their ‘first class’ lifestyle.

Yuhushua warns us to beware of the leaven of the pharisees – this is very appropriate as religious leaders of all persuasions make arbitrary (and profitable) decisions on behalf of their congregations.

Yeast is symbolic of man’s tendency to inflate the word of Yah; to create ‘traditions’ and then make them compulsory as defining the ‘authority’ of popes, vicars, archbishops and rabbis (elevated ones)  all these positions are unscriptural and have no authority from Yah, and yet they enslave most of us by their ability to dictate the terms of our ‘relationship’ with Yah.

All scripture points to an individual relationship with Yah as the only way to enter the narrow gate and walk the Way of righteousness.   The prodigal’s pigsty was filled with those slavers who dictated how we should live our lives; modern day Egyptian slavemasters.

So we each need a personal Exodus to escape the tangle of religious bondage, if it is not in the Tanach (old testament) it is not from Yah; there is nothing ‘new’ in the new testament see the words of Solomon (Eccles.).  For there is no difference in Hebrew between ‘new’ and ‘renewed’ and we should regard it as a ‘renewed testament’, an amplification of the covenants of the old testament.

The new testament is valuable, but it should always be used in conjunction with Old Testament scripture as Paul tells us, and at the time of Paul’s writing, scripture was only Tanach.

In this modern day, most of us are enslaved by those set over us, does your Pastor (shepherd?) guide you or does he/she dictate to you?  Does he say, there is Yah over there, go, make friends with him, or does he say do it my way, make friends with me, pay me, and I will lead you to ‘salvation’.

If we have not, of our own volition, left the pigsty, and walked the Way to the Father’s house as a servant, we cannot sucessfully come to the Father’s gates and sonship.

When we stand before Yah, there will be no pastor, vicar, priest or rabbi there to hold our hands and speak for us.   Have we left our enslavement and become good and faithful servants, or did we allow others to define our relationship with Yah via rituals, traditions and the hot air of chametz.

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