The Pathway to Yah

There is a very distinct and simple pathway that leads to a personal relationship with Yah and re-entry into His creation.

It first involves a belief that “In the beginning Yah CREATED”, He created all things, look out the window, see those trees, how do they grow, we plant the tiny seeds which seem inert, and they sprout into life, can science replicate and replace this?

No, ‘science’ cannot even begin to explain how a 1000yr old seed can sprout when the conditions permit. How can an inanimate object like a seed make the decision to germinate.

That in the beginning Yah created is also the beginning of TRUTH.   Creation is Truth, and if we seek truth, we need to look to His Creation.   The theory of evolution does not offer any clues to Creation, it only outlines a possibility of a progression from an already existing (created) unicellular lifeform to higher things, on the way it makes an assumption that there is a ‘beneficial’ mutation that adds the ‘information’ necessary for evolution to take place.

Mutations so far found involve a loss of information, but if beneficial mutations exist, where would this new data come from to enable such a beneficial mutation?   The math of this process deals with staggeringly high numbers in terms of both probabilities and the sheer number of mutations and their associated data events required for the most simple of mutation.

So we end up with ‘panspermia’ and its ilk that tell us that ‘in the beginning aliens created’ is Yah an alien?  He is certainly not a human son of Adam.

So Yah created an entity which we call Creation, Adam, the first man was part of that entity, but he was thrown out because he became a god ‘knowing good from evil’ and was therefore in competition with Yah – “you will have no other gods before me (in my face)”

So Adam built his own creation by the sweat of his own labours, and this is the world we are born into.

Adam’s creation is based upon man’s knowledge of good and evil. And each of us has this ability to decide what is right and what is wrong for ourselves, and to live our lives according to our own opinions of how we can manipulate ‘right and wrong’ to our own advantage.

In the beginning Yah created an absolute right and wrong (Knowledge of Good and Evil) which Adam discarded (the woman accepted and confessed that she had violated it).   This right and wrong became Yah’s Torah and defined the entry criteria back into Yah’s Creation.

To start to seek Yah’s TRUTH is to start a journey back to Yah’s Creation, it is to leave behing the Adamic pigsty and to take to the path that we call the Way, Paul tells us that he was a “follower of the Way” and to step out of Adam’s realm, we must deny our knowledge of good and evil and adopt Yah’s Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Yah is not a democrat, there is no room in His Creation for our opinion of what is and is not ‘good’.

But men always try to trick other men into paying for ‘salvation’ by selling them a fake torah, we call this ‘religion’ where men, for a price, will take responsibility for our ‘walk with god’, these are the blind leading the blind.   Men dress up in funny uniforms and pretend to have a direct connection to god(s).

You, dear reader are solely responsible for your own salvation, please do not think that others can do the work for you, your salvation is as unique as are your fingerprints and your DNA, and cannot be delegated to a rabbi, priest, vicar or pastor.

Yah has a key with which you can re-enter His creation, but it is a key that only you can use, and you have to earn it by leaving Adam’s pigsty and following the Way such that when you reach the Father’s gates, your unique key is there waiting for you to unlock the gates.

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