Good and Evil Revisited

The factor that separated Adam from his Creator was knowledge, and to be specific it was knowledge of good and evil.

Gen 3:22 – Then the LORD God said, “Behold, the man has become like one of Us, knowing good and evil;  ……

We gloss over the idea of good and evil on the assumption that there is only one definition of good and one definition of evil, but this is wrong.

We cannot claim John 3 v 16 if we do not understand Genesis 3 v 5

Gen 3:5 – “For God knows that on the day you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will become like God, knowing good and evil.”

The dire consequence of Adam acquiring his own knowledge of good and evil was separation from Yah.   If we grasp John 3 v 16 without understanding Genesis 3 v 5 then we are clutching at straws; for we will continue to thrust our godship, our knowledge of good and evil, our opinion, in Yah’s face in perpetual violation of the first of the Ten Commandments.

If we continue to define our own (Adam’s) opinion of good and evil as the way of our lives then we have no relationship with Yah and no trust and reliance in Him.  John 3 v 16 cannot then work for us because we do not fulfil its condition of belief.

There is no “I did it my way” before Yah, we do it Yah’s Way or our life has no value.

Yah’s Way is the Way of Torah made flesh and dwelling amongst us, nothing else is acceptable. It is only this Way that leads to Salvation.

We must therefore dump our own knowledge of good and evil in all humility and diligently seek Yah’s Way, and we do this by opening our bibles or Tanachs to find out what Yah has to say to us, personally.   When we come before Yah at the seat of Judgement, our favourite Rabbi, priest, vicar or pastor will not be there to speak for us, we alone will be held accountable for our actions, and we will be judged against what is written in the Book and what is written upon our hearts if there is anything there.

Yah’s Knowledge of Good and Evil has layers, the first layer is realizing that Yah’s Knowledge of Good and Evil is different to my own knowledge as inherited from Adam and further gained from the experiences of life in Adam’s creation.   For example, Yah’s Knowledge tells me that the Sabbath is the seventh day (Saturday) whereas Adam’s knowledge tells me that it is Saturday, which one do I keep? the world’s convenient Sunday or Yah’s Saturday.

Likewise if we believe that our righteousness is defined by a religious uniform and a funny hat or headscarf and ritual attendance at a holy building, , then we are engulfed in Adam and not in Yah.

The second layer is having the humility to accept that “In the beginning Yah Created” not Adam (or me-myself), we are born into and live in Adam’s world and we are taught the values of Adam’s world, and as such we hold Adam’s knowledge of good and evil as true in our lives.   Having realized that Yah’s Knowledge is different to Adam’s knowledge (my knowledge) we must have the humility to accept Yah’s Knowledge as superior.   They are both knowledge as such, but one is the product of the Creator and Truth, the other is the inferior knowledge (opinion) of the created.

One is Truth, the other is the phantasy of our own godship in antithesis to Yah’s Creation.

The third layer of Good and Evil is to understand that Yah’s prime means of communication with us is the “Torah written upon our hearts” – if we have a heart of (Adam’s) stone then we can have no communication with Yah.    We read the scripture to gain basic Knowledge, and as we read and act upon the scriptures for ourselves, so only then are our hearts softened and one-to-one Communication with Yah starts.

But if we are proud, and cling to our (Adam’s) knowledge then we continue to be separated from Yah no matter how holy we appear to our fellow men…..

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