Blessed are the Pure in Heart

Blessed are the pure in heart. Why?

Because it is they who have “Torah written upon their hearts”

Only then can the secret of Yahovah be revealed and their soul become Torah’s (Christ’s) abode.

This is a one-to-one relationship, not a group relationship, Yah ‘sees’ us only to the extent of what is written upon our hearts, he does not see a Jew or a Protestant or a Catholic, He sees an individual, me, the I, and He sees either a surface upon which he can write, or a heart of stone, already written upon by somebody or something else.

If we “lift up our hearts” He can write upon them, if we harden them, then the ‘ink’ cannot penetrate.

We cannot have a group relationship with Yah, one does not achieve salvation by attending a shoul  or a church, one achieves salvation by allowing Yah to write His laws upon our hearts so we instinctively obey, trust and rely on His Will, not our own.

“For we like sheep have gone astray, we’ve turned everyone to his own way”

Yes we try to do it our way, Adam’s way, the wrong way, we do this in ignorance because we don’t understand what caused Adam to separate from Yah.   Because we listen to men, and do the works of men, then only the words of men are written upon our hearts, Adam got there first and carved his initials in our flesh. 

There is One Way, and it is the Way of Torah, Yah does not change, we either do things His Way or we perish.

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