Leaving the room

If we imagine the prodigal’s pigsty as a stinking crowded room, then we can start to analyse the people in it (and those who have left the building)

The broad majority of the people are ‘happy’ as pigs in manure, to them it is normality and they grub around looking for treasure, and trying to stop others from trying to find treasure in their space.

Clusered around the door are those who ‘see’ the light but are too afraid to take the steps out into that light, for it entails personal responsibility, it entails a walk with Yah along His pathways; a trust and reliance that the Way of Yah leads to salvation.

In the dark stinky places at the back are those who manipulate, those angels of darkness many of whom pretend to be angels of light, their job is to stop the hords escaping – they need to keep those who ‘see’ the light imprisoned within the sty, scared to make the commitment required to leave the pigsty and take to the Way.

For those who read the Word and are brave enough, they can leave he pigsty and enter into a covenant with Yah, that by following His Way, we can arrive at the Father’s gates.

But that covenant is not to be found in religion, it is found by lifting our hearts such that His Torah can be written upon them – Torah is a signpost that means that we can follow the Way….

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