If we (secretly) doubt the existence of Yah then we have to fabricate the things we do and erect facades to hide our doubt.

Yah has nothing to hide, He has no hidden agendas, and he says what he means, and means what he says.  

We, on the other hand tend to want to fill in the holes in our knowledge with made up thoughts and speculations, especially self-interested ones.   Yah cannot work with us and in us if we don’t give him space to so do, if we don’t keep the Seventh day, if we are busy, busy, busy with our own self-righteous deeds, then we deny that space to the reality of Yah and the result is man made religion.

Most of us think ‘religion’ is good, today is Tish B’av in the Jewish calendar – a totally man made ‘festival’ of fasting and affliction celebrating punishments of the Jewish people.

Yet Taruwah has been totally dropped from the Jewish calendar; replaced by Rosh Hashonna.

Do we really think that this is ‘good’?

All the works of men are as filthy rags, so we should always be looking to doing things Yah’s way, it is easy to assume that Yah does not care over much as long as we do ‘something’.

But do we ,in doing that something fill that space where Yah should reside and thus fail to see the reality of a Yah centred life?     

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