On Wokery

Wokism is an absurd new cult that reduces knowledge of good and evil to a simple matter of skin colour, and in doing so, destroys everything achieved by those who have kept Yah’s 10 commandments for the last few centuries.

Of course, the material trappings of ‘white supremacy’ are retained, and enjoyed, it is only the Judeo-Christian heritage that allowed these technical advances that is to be despised. 

Skin colour politics is deeply embedded in the pagan cultures of the warlord cultures, so there is nothing new about wokery.   To Yah it is just another of man’s high jinks to evade His truths.

Paul tells us that in Christ there is neither Greek nor Jew, bond or free, male or female.   One would have thought that this kind of blind equality was a good basis for integration and diversity, but no, we must create ‘harmony’ by creating division, by segmenting society into its constituent cultural groups.   This, of course is a futile exercise, but the Accuser has always created division with a smarmy smile.

For the Communists it was a ‘class’ division, for the Nazis it was ‘blood and soil’.

Everywhere where mankind rejects Yah, and adopts humanism, so the political absurdities become the cultural mainstream: it has happened for thousands of years and will no doubt continue.

Its aim is to enslave the masses under the whip of the elite few, to do this one must divide and rule, and if divisions don’t exist, then to create them.

A few hundred years ago the printing press gave most people access to the scriptures, thereby ending the religious hegemony of Rome.   Those who studied the scriptures began to perceive that there was a Way, a Truth and a Life whereby one could choose to do things Yah’s Way, and for a few decades real reform happened and western (so called ‘white’) society prospered.

It did not happen because of skin colour, it happened because at the core of this society was the 10 commandments of Yah.    Wokery confuses the moral treasure of ‘white’ society and its underpinning by a Yah centred society, with a ‘black’ skin colour orientated counter culture based upon Cain’s walled city, walled to keep Yah out.

Wokery is going to destroy society because it is at heart amoral, it exposes humanity to the shifting sands of human emotion and shies away from the solid rock of the 10 commandments.

One cannot do a deal, make a treaty or a contract with those for whom ‘truth’ is effervescent and ephemeral.

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