Yah’s Math

One f the first steps we take in seeking the truths of Yah is to come to believe that “in the beginning Yah created”

If we have been taught ‘Darwin’ as the only ‘scientific’ answer then it is difficult to take that first step because Darwinian theory drags us away from the first three books of Genesis and hence away from an understanding of our own ‘godship’.

We were thrown out of Eden because we threw our godship in Yah’s face, we decided that our knowledge of good and evil was superior to Yah’s Knowledge of Good and Evil.

To believe Darwin may be in line with Adamic ‘godship’; it is very rational and seems to fit, but the math is all wrong.

The world hates math because math points to intelligent design.   It points to Yah, and for evolution to be ‘scientific’ then the math of evolution has to work; it does not.

Darwin projected observable micro-evolution into macro-evolution, but did not at any time test the math.

The idea is that a ‘beneficial’ mutation can get absorbed into the genome and thus evolve something ‘new’.

To enable this, ‘science’ we must make two assumptions, fiirst that the planet is many millions of years old, and secondly, that those years complied with the ‘theory of uniformity’, that there was no fundamental change in the laws of physics in that period.

They claim that these assumptions are valid because we  obviously have successfully evolved; a circular argument.

Is there such thing a a beneficial mutation? None have yet been found…..

And even if such a thing were to be isolated, how would it become part of the Gnome?   It would have to be strikingly ‘beneficial’ and would have to happen at least twice in a small locality in order to ‘reproduce’.   One can track the math of this process, and the probability of a mutation being absorbed into the whole is infinitesimally small, hence the need for ‘billions of years’

For more information about the math of Creation, read Lee Spetner’s book “Not by Chance”

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