What is ‘Good’

We think we know a lot about ‘good’ and about ‘evil’ – but do we really?..

Are there really 7 deadly sins?

Scripturally , There is only one deadly sin, that of unbelief. The rest are just the products of the fevered imaginations of our religious leaders.

Sin is disobeying Torah. Deadly sin is disbelieving that “In the beginning Yah created”

So much for the ‘bad’, but what about the ‘good’?

Adam’s knowledge of ‘good’ is as much part of his godship as is his knowledge of evil, and as such, is just as detestable as his knowledge of evil.

Only Yah is Good.   Men’s ‘god’ works are as filthy rags. 

When the sower sows his seeds they fall on the ground and those that fall on infertile ground are immediately eaten up by the birds of the air (evil forces).

If we have our own opinions of what is good, and reject Yah’s seed then we are either stony ground where the seed cannot penetrate the stones, or thorny ground where the seed is chocked because we are too obsessed with our own good ideas to listen to those of Yah.

The fertile ground yields to the roots of the seedlings, it nourishes then and waters them, and the seed thrives, Yah does the growing and flowering, not the ‘good’ ground.

We must be very careful when we form our own opinions of good and bad because they are usually shaped by Adam’s world of religions and their hierarchies.   We must be flexible as we follow Yah’s Way or we will conform to religion and lose our visibility of Yah’s way.

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