Some fell on the path

This is the first case situation from the parable of the sower, and unfortunately the most common.   The Path is hard trodden ground constantly abraded by those traveling the path, crushed underfoot these seeds have no chance of even germinating, they become food for whatever belief systems dominate their culture.

This used not to be the case in Europe, but the advent of the religion of ‘science’ has rendered many unable to think for themselves, those who are prepared to let ‘scientists’ do the work for them.

These people are gullible beyond belief, whilst being convinced that they are ‘well informed’ and ‘intelligent’ and hat those who believe that “in the beginning Yah Created” are stupid and believe in the myths of Genesis.

Of course the same people who shame believers would never think to question their own narratives, That whilst Darwin mike explain survival of the ‘fittest’ it and posits an explanation for the origin of species, it in no way approaches and explanation of how sentient life came about.

That is like driving a car but having zero understanding what is going on under the bonnet (hood), whilst we may know that we cannot put petrol (gasoline) in a diesel car, do we believers in ‘science’ actually understand why?  Or do we just consider ourselves a ‘good’ driver, and that the ‘science’ does not matter.

The West arose to greatness because our forefather kept to biblical principles (mainly because they work), as, in the wake of Darwin, we slowly abandoned the Torah and its 10 commandments, so society disintegrated, and the birds of the air can have a feast on our (spiritually) dead carcass

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