Stony Grounds

It should be remembered when dealing with the parable of the Sower the we are the ground, that Yah is the Sower and that the seed is the truth of Yah.

We are the ground that receives the seed, the truth, but the stones are beliefs that we hold dear and are not prepared to change.   These beliefs might be the doctrines of a favoured Rabbi or Pastor, or maybe from a book such as a catechism or Talmud or commentary.

Yah demands that we seek His kingdom, the place where only He reigns, if we have other gods in our lives then our ‘roots’ cannot feed upon His Word and we are poor crops for the harvest.

Stones are impenetrable, and immovable, held in place by our stubbornness but giving no nourishment, and too many render our beings weak and our fruit poor.

For some this is going to Church on Sunday when Yah’s word instructs us that Sabbath is the seventh day (Saturday).   For others, it is that we do not use His Name, substituting HaShem or ‘God’.   These are titles not names, if we have a personal relationship with Yah then we are able to use His proper name Yahovah, Yah for short.

When we follow the rules of a ‘religion’ we must be very careful to find out for ourselves if those rules are man made or Yah made. The whole idea of ‘Church’ for example, is laced with paganity.   The Greek word, ekklesia, means ‘an impromptu assembly’ as James informs us, the first of these took place at Mt Sinai (Horeb) at the time of the Exodus.    The ekklesia in Acts met in the Temple cloisters…..

Look at your lives and try to see what stones you have.   I have been picking stones out of my life for some sixty years, and I still find a few now and then; I read the scriptures and hold my life up for scrutiny before them, if there is a stone in my life then I must set about reducing it.

Only in this way can I be fruitful.

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